Tracking delivery

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive a shipping confirmation email which will have the name of the courier company via which your order has been dispatched along with the Tracking ID that you can use to track your order at every step as it reaches you.

If your order has reached your city, it should reach you very soon.

Sometimes, there can be a delay in the delivery due to unavoidable circumstances which include:

1.Network issues

2.Unexpected weather conditions

3.Riots, etc.

4.Unlocatable or Incomplete address (In such cases, it would be advisable for you to contact the courier company and let them know of your complete address or any landmarks to easily trace your address.)

Shipping information

Shipping time: the estimated shipping time for Standard Delivery is about 3-12 business days and 1-5 business days for Express Delivery. As always, there are always some delays due to various factors, in case of delay, please get in touch with us.

Shipping fee: the exact shipping fee varies according to different shipping methods and the amount of your order. You can see the exact number on the checkout page. If you join our membership, you will enjoy free shipping.

Excessive shipping time: if the shipping time has passed the estimated time and you have not received your order, you can log into your account and you will find a tracking message with all the contact information for the freight company. Then, we will reschedule your shipment or refund you.

Lost goods

We regret that your goods have been lost, but we are not responsible for it. Please email us at to contact us, and we will help you contact the relevant express company as soon as possible.

Parcel signature

For security purposes, all Dhiophi deliveries require a signature. You will receive a notification on the day of delivery via text or e-mail and please prepare for receiving the goods in advance.

Parcel redirect

We are unable to redirect orders once they have been dispatched, so please supply an address where you will be available to sign and receive your order. If you wish to redirect your parcel, please contact the courier company with your order directly.

Parcel rejection

If you reject the package, it will be returned to our distribution center and you will receive a refund for the merchandise and tax paid. Shipping charges are non-refundable.