About products

Everything we sell (unless otherwise stated) is a new authentic product, carefully selected by our team.

About our website

How to choose my own language?

Our website uses English as the default language option.

You can click the language option and switch to other languages on our Home-page.

How do I subscribe to your site?

You can go to the right bottom of the homepage and input your email and you will receive an email for our site.

About order

Where can I get my order information?

First, you can open "Order Details" to check your order information while checkout.

Second, if you have already placed and paid for your order, normally, you will receive an email to check your order.

Third, if not, you can contact our customer service.

Please note if you wrongly operate the order or you experience a network jam while checkout, you can contact us to make sure whether your order is placed successfully or not.

When can I receive my goods?

You can find the delivery date in the order confirmation. We will also notify you by email when your shipment is shipped. If your delivery is overdue, please email us with your order number.

Do I have a genuine copy or a knockoff/copy? How can you tell the difference?

You can't tell the difference between the original and the imitation from the photo. Please contact us using the form provided so that one of our experts can contact you. The cost of collection and return, as well as any other charges, will be at your own expense.

My product may be defective. Is it under warranty? How can I complain?

Please send us your contact information, as well as proof of purchase, the date on the label - usually located under the basis of the item - and an optional photo of the defect.

About Shipping

How long will I receive my package?

Normally you are expected to receive your package in 13-20 business days. If not, please contact our customer service team.

Why has my order not shipped after a few days?

Normally your order will be shipped in 5 business days. If you need specific items to ship sooner please contact us and we will accommodate you.